Velkommen til Tjugga App 


Help with the baby’s sleep

Tjugga has its own app – Tjugga App. Here you will find the audio meditations and soothing videos with Tjugga, Sally and all the other lovely elements from the night forest. An app that is created with a desire to provide support for more peace and presence. The audio meditations and videos can be put on a playlist and played offline.

Tjugga App is free to download, so you can listen to the demos as well as read about the meditations and videos.

There is also an introduction to how you can use the meditations for yourself and your child.

With a subscription for DKK 35 per month or DKK 89 for 3 months, you get access to all meditations and videos, as well as upcoming content.

You sign up for a subscription in the app (upgrade), where your purchase is made via your Google Play or Apple ID account.

You unsubscribe your subscription again, by terminating it via Google Play or the App Store under your “subscriptions”.

If you want to give the app as a gift, you can give gift cards to App Store or Google Play

Alternatively, you can be creative and give money / transfer on mobilepay to the gift recipient and make a “gift card” that way. Then the gift recipient can create a subscription for themselves.

The app is provided by Google and Apple. Content provider: Tjugga ApS.

When you need an audio meditation for your child:

  • Avoid having expectations for the child’s reaction to the meditations.
  • Some children find peace in the sounds quickly, others need to hear it several times.
  • If auditory stimuli are not a match for your child, we can recommend the books with Natbjørnen Tjugga if your child feels better with a visual universe.
  • You can use the ” instrumental meditations ” without speaking if your child feels more in tune with meditations without a narrator’s voice.
  • Slow down before bedtime / rest time. Try with your body and voice to radiate that you all enter the “cuddle / rest” zone … even if your child crawls on the walls / is overstimulated on top of a day with many impressions. You show the way with your energy. Pat yourself on the shoulder mom / dad, you are doing so well.
  • You cannot never play a meditation too many times. You are not giving your child bad habits by offering security and recognizability. Your child needs the familiar and safe. Security gives peace.
  • The meditations can be repeated at night if there is extra unrest, illness, tooth eruption etc.
  • Recommend babysitter / grandparent / others who look after your child to download the app, so your child always has the safe and familiar with him.

We wish you a lot of fun with the app.