Our coloring books are filled with illustrations featuring Tjugga, Sally, summer elementes, birthdays, play and magic! All our coloring books are printed without color, to reduce waste and are made of 100% recycled paper.
Markers, pencils and watercolors can easily be used in the book, as the paper is nice and strong.

The coloring books are for everyone regardless of age.

Together with Tjugga the niight bear and Sally the fox, you can color just as you like. No one but you decides which colors you want to use – and don’t worry if you hit outside the lines! You can just have fun with your coloring book, without others telling you what to do. Try turning off the “screen”, turn on a calm sound meditation and feel how soothing it is to draw.

All the coloring books are created from Tjugga’s small universe as well as books that can be bought here: Books

Designed by author and illustrator Emilie Melgaard Jacobsen.  https://www.emiliejacobsen.com/

About author and illustrator

Emilie Melgaard Jacobsen is the creator of Tjugga the night bears univers Emilie is a trained educator, mother of three and married to her husband Daniel.  

Emilie could feel from her first child a need to support him for a safe and calm way into their sleep. Many things were tried, but it did not really work for the family – especially not when the couple’s second child arrived. Therefore, she chose to create the tool herself in the form of soothing sleep meditations. 
That is why the sleep meditation books, and the whole soothing universe of Tjugga, are created with a desire to help families with concrete tools to create more peace, so that small and large children can safely and nicely surrender to sleep.