The night bear Tjugga – sleep meditation for children (Japanese)

kr. 249,00

It’s cuddling time and the day’s many impressions can make it difficult to find peace and fall asleep. But that does not have to be the case, because the Tjugga the Night bear has come from the night forest.

Tjugga is a sleep meditation that is easy to go to for both children and adults. With its warm bear fur and the smell of star dust in the Night Forest, Tjugga makes it both cozy and safe to fall asleep.

A bedtime story that, through various techniques, helps to make your child relax. With Tjugga the Night bear you will find elements of meditation, strips and a focus on reading aloud. It is created out of love for children – and for their parents!

Tjugga won the award “Best child culture personality of the year” in 2019.