Tjugga´s adventurous winter coloring book

kr. 90,00

Join Tjugga and Sally on a winter adventure.

Tjugga and Sally sled, make Christmas decorations and eat Christmas cakes. Visit the elves in their small cozy homes in the snow-covered Natskov.

The coloring book is printed without color, to reduce waste and is produced in 100% recycled paper.
Markers, crayons and watercolors can easily be used in the book, as the paper is nicely strong.

The coloring book is for everyone regardless of age. Together with Tjugga the Night bear and Sally the fox, you can color just as you like.
Put on a sound meditation from Tjugga’s app, it can create a nice and soothing atmosphere.

Painting in Tjugga’s coloring book, and later in the evening reading “Tjugga and the snowflakes” aloud, is a wonderful way to end the day.

21 pages.
100% recycled paper
Nordic Ecolabelled printing

EAN: 5745000366039