Tjugga´s wonderful coloring book

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Tjugga´s wonderful coloring book

Is a coloring book filled with illustrations of Tjugga, Sally, summer elements, birthday, play, joy and peace.

Many of the illustrations are ideas that a lot of lovely children have submitted.

The coloring book is printed without color, to reduce waste and is produced in 100% recycled paper.

Markers, crayons and watercolors can easily be used in the book, as the paper is nicely strong.

The coloring book is for everyone regardless of age. Together with Tjugga the Night bear and Sally the fox, you can color just as you like.

No one but you decides which colors you want to use – and don’t worry if you hit outside the lines!

You can just have fun with your coloring book, without others telling you what to do. Try turning off the “screen”, turn on a quiet sound meditation and feel how wonderfully soothing it is to draw.

Tjugga´s wonderful coloring book.
21 pages.
100% recycled paper

Wonderful coloring book video

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