Tjugga´s fantastic coloring book

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Tjugga´s fantastic coloring book

In the coloring book you will meet children with various disabilities and aids, diseases, surgical scars, plaster and you will meet a big brother / big sister who has had a little brother / little sister a little earlier than expected.

Due to the many amazing children – we have added more pages to this coloring book.

The coloring book is printed without color, to reduce waste and is produced in 100% recycled paper.

Markers, crayons and watercolors can easily be used in the book, as the paper is nicely strong.

The coloring book is for everyone regardless of age. Together with Tjugga the Night bear and Sally the fox, you can color just as you like.

Tjugga´s fantastic coloring book.
31 pages.
100% recycled paper

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